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1. A: Do you know what that is?
   B: No. I´m afraid I don´t.

2. Will the last bus have gone the film finishes?

3. the television was very friendly.

4. Many of the guests in the hotel the noise.

5. I don't remember seeing that petrol station before new

6. According to scientists, the world´s started life over 4,700 years ago.

7. Helen bought when she went shopping because her old one was broken.

8. The hotel this year was than the one we stayed in last year.

9. A: Have you ever your old school?
   B: Never. How about you?

10. (on the phone)
    A: Hello, Tom, It´s me, Mark. I've missed the last bus home, and I haven't got enough Money for a taxi.
    B: Don't worry. and pick you up.

11. A: Would you like some fruit? An orange ora banana?
     B: Yes, please a banana.

12. We're going to go swimming every day when the new pool pen.

13. Linda about two hours of television most evenings. She's too tired to go out.

14. We can't go on holiday in May. We enough Money by then.

15. A: It's very cold in here.
     B: I Shall I turn the heating on?
     A: Yes, please.

16. Why to Australia?


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